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FO.NET started life back in 2002 as a commercial port of Apache FOP 0.20.4 to the .NET environment. This port was released to the world as "Apoc XSL-FO" via a company called Chive Software.

In the early days we put a lot of effort into making the Win32 integration as neat as possible - as a result the font support in FO.NET is very well integrated into the Windows world. In addition to this, we were very pleased with the performance improvements that we managed to introduce in response to one particular customer's request.

Whilst Apoc XSL-FO was sold to roughly 100+ customers over the years, it did not really reach the critical mass required to justify itself as an ongoing commercial concern. Over the last year I have attempted to keep the product going as a bit of a hobby - however I have found that my spare time is so limited that I am not able to respond to potential customers in a timely and professional manner.

Because of this I have decided to release the software as open source. I really hope that people continue to find the software useful and also hope that a community might develop that can offer support to each other in the use of FO.NET.

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