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Font Kerning

Kerning permits FO.NET to adjust the inter-character spacing between pairs of characters depending on context to make them more visually appealing. Note that by default kerning is disabled since it adds a minor processing overhead.

Enabling Kerning via Command Line

To enable kerning via the command line tool, specify the "-kerning" switch. For example:

fonet -kerning -fo -pdf document.pdf

Enabling Kerning in Code

The following code snippet illustrates enabling kerning support using the PdfRendererOptions class.

void Example()
    FonetDriver driver = FonetDriver.Make();
    driver.Renderer = RendererEngine.PDF;

    // Enable kerning by setting the Kerning property to true
    PdfRendererOptions options = new PdfRendererOptions();
    options.Kerning = true;

    driver.Options = options;

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