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Failed to retrieve table data for font Arial

Jan 24, 2014 at 4:59 PM
System.Exception: Failed to load data for font Arial ---> System.Exception: Failed to retrieve table data for font Arial
at Fonet.Pdf.Gdi.GdiFontMetrics.ReadFont()
at Fonet.Pdf.Gdi.GdiFontMetrics.GetFontData()
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---
at Fonet.Pdf.Gdi.GdiFontMetrics.GetFontData()
at Fonet.Pdf.Gdi.GdiFontMetrics..ctor(GdiDeviceContent dc, GdiFont currentFont)
at Fonet.Pdf.Gdi.GdiFont.CreateDesignFont(String faceName, Boolean bold, Boolean italic, GdiDeviceContent dc)
at Fonet.Render.Pdf.Fonts.TrueTypeFont.ObtainFontMetrics()
at Fonet.Render.Pdf.Fonts.ProxyFont.LoadIfNecessary()
at Fonet.Render.Pdf.Fonts.ProxyFont.get_Ascender()
at Fonet.Layout.LineArea..ctor(FontState fontState, Int32 lineHeight, Int32 halfLeading, Int32 allocationWidth, Int32 startIndent,
Int32 endIndent, LineArea prevLineArea)
at Fonet.Layout.BlockArea.start()
at Fonet.Fo.Flow.Block.Layout(Area area)
at Fonet.Fo.Flow.TableCell.Layout(Area area)
at Fonet.Fo.Flow.TableRow.Layout(Area area)
at Fonet.Fo.Flow.AbstractTableBody.Layout(Area area)
at Fonet.Fo.Flow.Table.Layout(Area area)
at Fonet.Fo.Flow.Flow.Layout(Area area, Region region)
at Fonet.Fo.Flow.Flow.Layout(Area area)
at Fonet.Fo.Pagination.PageSequence.Format(AreaTree areaTree)
at Fonet.StreamRenderer.Render(PageSequence pageSequence)
at Fonet.Fo.FOTreeBuilder.EndElement()
at Fonet.Fo.FOTreeBuilder.Parse(XmlReader reader)

Hello, I get this erro when I try to generate pdf.
My environment consists of a load balancing with four computers, but the error happens only on one computer. What can be happening?