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Jul 3, 2013 at 10:28 PM
Edited Jul 3, 2013 at 10:29 PM

I am currently searching for a .NET based report generation solution (e.g. XML as input to create PDF).

Now I saw FO.NET which allowes to create PDFs from XSL-FO files.
This seems a good solution for me.

But then I saw that the last release is from 2009 - already a long time ago.

Therefore I have some questions:
  1. Is there someone using FO.NET in .NET 4.5 appliactions?
  2. Is there someone using FO.NET at Win7 64 bit?
  3. Any one with experience creating pdf with more than 100 pages?
    Largely all pages just contains tables (equal format, just other labels and numbers)
  4. Any reasons to use or to avoid FO.NET?
Thanks a lot,

Jul 4, 2013 at 8:14 AM
Hi Stefan

FONET is not being actively developed. There have been a couple of forks to github - so it might be worthwhile searching for them and seeing how active they have been.

The history page ( gives you a bit of background. Basically, I just don't have time to continue working on the project. This is a shame, because it is a fun bit of software to work on!

There is some p/invoke code for working with Windows font metrics - this could cause some problems in 64 bit land. You could compare the signatures used with those over at

We used to use FONET to create documents with thousands of pages. The limitation is the size of each fo:page-sequence, since the each page-sequence is laid out in memory. So if you have a single page-sequence with a hundred plus pages, then you will probably run out of memory or suffer poor performance. If you have a large document with lots of short page-sequences (< 20 pages), then memory usage will be constant and the size of the document could be thousands of pages.

Hope this helps.
Jul 4, 2013 at 10:56 PM
Hi Mark,

thanks for your fast reply. I will check for forks maybe I find a nice one.

I understand completely that you don't have the time to continue the work on the project. A reason more that I am very happy related to your fast response.

Yesterday, I downloaded several example fo-files (because I have no experience of writing them by myself) and tried to use them with your binary package.
It seems that most of these examples can't be processed without problems. A reason could be that these examples using some "power" / modern features of fo which are not supported by your release.

Nevertheless because our application is very well defined the absolute feature-set is in general no problem. We just have to check that the required features are supported.
We will do this in the next days. Maybe there is also a fork based on your work which solved already an issue.

Related to 64bit:
Good to know but related to you answer it seems that there are just some p/invokes to change. This should not be a big deal.

Thanks a lot,