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FonetDriver Class

An instance of Fonet.FonetDriver is obtained by calling the static factory method FonetDriver.Make.

using Fonet;

namespace FonetExample {
class HelloWorld {
static void Main(string[] args) {
FonetDriver driver = FonetDriver.Make();
// do something with driver

Imports Fonet

Module FonetTest
Sub Main()
Dim driver As FonetDriver = FonetDriver.Make
' do something with driver
End Sub
End Module

Once an instance of FonetDriver has been obtained, PDF documents can easily be created by calling the Render method. The Render method is passed two arguments:
  • the source XSL-FO document that describes what to render.
  • the destination stream or file that the PDF document should be written to.

driver.Render("", "output.pdf");

A variety of overloaded forms of Render are available.

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