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XSL-FO to PDF renderer written in managed C# code for the .NET framework

XSL-FO is similar to HTML in that it allows documents to be created in a markup language. The fundamental difference between the two is that XSL-FO is intended for creating paged, printable documents, whilst HTML is more suited to onscreen documents.

FO.NET processes XML documents that conform to the XSL-FO specification and produces Adobe PDF documents. Typically an XSLT style sheet is used to transform raw XML data into XSL-FO.

FO.NET has been written for the Microsoft .NET Framework and is suitable for use from any .NET compatible language such as C#, VB.NET or C#.

Major Features
  • Developed in 100% managed C# code
  • Supports TrueType and TrueType flavoured OpenType fonts
  • Font embedding for highly portable documents
  • Font subsetting to ensure PDF document sizes are kept to a minimum
  • PDF compression to further reduce PDF document sizes
  • PDF encryption and protection mechanisms
  • Single assembly for simple integration with any .NET project

Getting Started

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